Mission Statement

The mission of Downtown Pittsfield, Inc. is to foster the on-going growth and vitality of downtown Pittsfield, Massachusetts through vision, leadership and advocacy and to position downtown as the creative and business hub of the Berkshires for the benefit of all.

Projects & Collaborations

Since 1983, Downtown Pittsfield, Inc. (DPI) has been the recognized leader, facilitator and principal advocate for downtown. DPI has developed strategies and programs, mobilizing resources resulting in a creative, lively, sustainable environment.

  • Initiated and advocated for nearly $100 million in downtown development projects serving as developer of the Central Block and co-developer of Beacon Cinema
  • Secured additional liquor licenses in downtown to encourage new restaurants.
  • Spearheaded redevelopment of West Street including Greylock Federal, Tierney and Laurin Publishing (Kay Bee Toys), McKay Street Parking Garage and 7 North Street
  • Led the lobbying for state and federal grants for the North and South Street improvement projects; currently working to secure funding for the next phase
  • Continued advocacy for proposed development projects with city officials at City Council and Commission meetings
  • Provides advice and support to businesses and investors looking to move to downtown and assists property owners with materials and research to support their commercial recruiting efforts
  • Serves as the liaison among downtown property owners, businesses, retailers and residents with the various city departments
  • Works with local government and police department on quality of life issues to encourage downtown economic development, beautification and safety
  • Collaborates with city and downtown cultural leaders to increase the presence and impact of the arts, entertainment and cultural events

2015 Accomplishments

2016-2020 Downtown Strategic Plan

Downtown Pittsfield, Inc. has embarked on the implementation of the 2016-2020 Downtown Pittsfield Strategic Plan. This plan builds upon the growth of downtown through accomplishments from the 2010 – 2015 Strategic Plan. Task forces of volunteers led by the Downtown Pittsfield, Inc. Board of Directors have been formed to implement the plan’s four strategies:

Strategy 1: There is unanimous recognition among DPI’s constituents that in order to meet the other objectives in this plan, the public must feel and be safe. Our organization’s highest priority is therefore to do everything in our power to improve public safety and the public’s feeling of safety while in the downtown area.

Strategy 2: Increase the quantity and diversity of everyday foot traffic in an effort to broaden the potential customer base for our retail businesses.

Strategy 3: Promote the positive aspects of downtown Pittsfield throughout the region.

Strategy 4: Continue to improve the appearance, convenience, and walkability of downtown Pittsfield to create a safe, healthy, and attractive environment for all.

DPI members and downtown stakeholders are invited to join a task force to continue the great progress in downtown.

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