Strategy 1 Chairperson: Kate Maguire, Berkshire Theatre Group


  • Advocated for additional funding for police department in City’s 2016-17 budget which was unanimously approved by City Council (1/1/16 – 6/16)
  • Partnering with the Department of Mental Health and Brien Center on promoting the Becoming Trauma-Informed Seminar on October 5 at Colonial Theatre. The goal is to have a frank and informative discussion about a path forward to confront issues of violence, attitudes towards individuals with mental health challenges and create a more inclusive, diverse and invigorated community.  This is part of a long range plan to create a safer community. (1/1/16 – 8/23/16)

Strategy 2 Chairperson: Kait Stinchcomb, Berkshire Theatre Group

Strategy 3 Chairperson: Gary Levante, Berkshire Bank


  • Beyond the website, guide, 1Berkshire advertising, and other publications that market beyond the Berkshires, Downtown Pittsfield, Inc.’s target audience is within the county. (1/1/16 – 3/1/16)
  • Conducting research and building community consensus around Pittsfield’s brand. (1/1/16 – 8/23/16)

Strategy 4 Chair: Bill Mulholland, Berkshire Community College

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